Terms & Conditions


These terms of use will govern your use of our website, Chez Pierre, which is available at https://chez-pierre.com/. These Terms will apply in full force and effect to your use of this website. By using this website, you have agreed to accept all the terms and conditions written here. You must not use this website if you disagree with any of these Terms of Use. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this website.


All prices are in dinars. Special offers are valid only if the item is purchased at the offered price.

Delivery Address

Chez Pierre delivers orders to the address you provided when ordering.

Returned Product

If the package was attempted to be delivered (or was at your local post office) and it is returned, the customer needs to pay the shipping fee again for us to resend the package.

If the Package is at Your Local Post Office

If the package was attempted to be delivered, and it is returned to the post office, the customer must contact their post office to arrange for package retrieval. We cannot contact the post office as the sender.

Missing Package

Orders not received will not be marked as missing until 7 days after the shipment date. Resending or refunding will not be offered before this deadline.

Change or Cancellation of Order

Change or cancellation of orders is possible within 12 hours of placing the order and only through email. These requests need to be sent via email for us to process them in time. If the customer does not respond to the return email within 24 hours, and the instructions for changing the package are not clear enough, the package will be sent according to the original order.

Cancellation of Purchase

Cancellation of purchase is possible within 14 days after receiving the goods. If the customer decides to return the order and request a refund, product costs will be refunded only after we receive and confirm that the products have not been used. In the case of purchase cancellation, we do not refund the shipping cost. Any customer who has not accepted the package can receive a refund without the shipping cost.


Product complaints are possible only when the wrong products are received, or they are defective or damaged. The customer needs to take photos of the product/package as evidence. If the customer receives the wrong product, Chez Pierre will send the correct product at its own expense. This applies only if the customer receives the wrong product, not the wrong concentration of perfume. In case of complaints, a full refund (product price and delivery cost) will be sent to you after we receive the products back and confirm that they have not been used. Returned items should be sent by Post Express; Chez Pierre will not cover the costs of any other courier service. If you do not like the scent of the perfume, it cannot be considered a complaint. We recommend buying the smallest bottle if you are trying the perfume for the first time. If we send a replacement perfume/package in agreement with you, we cannot refund your money. Complaints for the sample box (10x5ml) will only be considered if physical damage during delivery is determined. If approved, compensation to the customer will be offered in the form of a promotional code for the damage value or a resend of the damaged product.

Photos and Illustrations

All photos are used as illustrations, and there may be changes in the appearance of bottles (not size) if the one from the photo is not available.

Other Brands

The oils we sell are not affiliated with any designer or brand. 'Similar to' is used only for reference to the scent.


You are expressly prohibited from all of the following: Publishing any material from the website in any other media. Selling, sublicensing, or advertising any material from the website. Publicly displaying any material from the website. Using this website in any way that is or may be harmful to this website. Using this website in any way that affects user access to this website. Using this website in violation of applicable laws and regulations or in any way that may cause damage to the website, any person, or business entity. Engaging in any data collection or any other similar activity related to this website. Using this website for any advertising or marketing.

Right to Request Additional Information

Orders may be subject to additional security checks at our discretion. This may include verifying data about your credit/debit card or additional information about your address. Chez Pierre reserves the right to cancel an order if the requested information is not provided.

If the Product is Out of Stock

If Chez Pierre does not have a specific product in stock, it will offer a replacement for another product of the same value or a refund. Chez Pierre is not obliged to offer any additional compensation for the disappointment experienced.