Privacy Policy

In the company PR 'Chez Pierre' Niš, we value your privacy, and therefore, we handle your data with exceptional care. In this Privacy Policy, we inform you about the basics of collecting personal data, the types of data we collect, methods of collection, processing, usage, disclosure, and transfer of your personal data. All information is secure, and we will not, under any circumstances, disclose it to a third party without a legal basis, ensuring your complete and secure business and collaboration with the company PR 'Chez Pierre' Niš. Please carefully read this Privacy Policy and all the information contained in it, as we collect certain personal data when you contact us by phone, place an order on our website, use our services, or visit our website.


From time to time, we may update this policy to align it with legal requirements and the way we conduct our business. Please regularly visit our page to find the latest version of this policy. 'Chez Pierre' encourages you to review this Privacy Policy frequently, in any case, before providing personal information to Chez Pierre.

Third-Party Websites

Websites may contain links or references to other websites. 'Chez Pierre' has no control over these websites. The Privacy Policy of 'Chez Pierre' does not apply to these websites. 'Chez Pierre' is not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites. The company 'Chez Pierre' recommends reviewing the privacy policy of the website each time you visit the website. If you believe that the links refer to websites engaged in illegal activities, please inform 'Chez Pierre' about it.

What Personal Data We Collect, When, and Why

  • In this policy, you can find information about:
  • types of personal data we collect
  • situations in which we collect specific personal data
  • information on how we use your personal data
  • your rights related to the collection and processing of personal data
  • Chez Pierre collects your personal data for the following purposes:
  • Purchasing at Chez Pierre stores, purchasing on our webshop, purchasing through Instagram and Facebook pages, purchasing through WhatsApp or Viber, and purchasing through phone calls;
  • Providing discounts and benefits to users
  • Sending emails with information about discounts, special events, novelties, receiving vouchers for a specific amount for the purchase of products, and other benefits at Chez Pierre;
  • In order to achieve the legitimate interests of the company Chez Pierre, unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over those interests:
  • Organizing prize games
  • To contact you (in case of responding to a request, complaint, or claim)
  • To enhance the quality of our customer support services
  • To file complaints and defend against lawsuits
  • For workplace safety by monitoring access to business premises
  • To comply with legal obligations

When We Collect Your Data

When purchasing from us, Chez Pierre will only take and use the information necessary to provide the sales service. This may include personal data such as: name, delivery address, name of the person to whom the ordered product is delivered (if the recipient is not the customer), legal entity address if delivery is required at the premises of the legal entity where the recipient works, mobile phone number, email address, date of purchase, JMBG (only for users of Administrative cards), current account number – if paid by mail, or for refunding money in case of accepting a complaint. When providing data about the recipients of the shipment, it is your responsibility to represent the recipient in the data collection process for the delivery service and explain how we will use their personal data, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to obtain their consent to share their data with us and inform them about the terms of processing their data by the company Chez Pierre, as outlined in this policy. When organizing prize games, the winners' personal data, including name, address, and contact phone number, are collected for prize delivery. After delivering the prize, the provided personal data are deleted. We may keep the communication we have with you - recording the calls you make. We do this in accordance with laws to help monitor and improve the quality of our customer support services, file complaints, and defend against lawsuits, as well as to fulfill legal obligations we are subject to. Personal data is collected and used to resolve complaints regarding the services provided or to respond to user service requests. In such cases, i.e., when a user service complaint is accepted, in addition to the personal data collected for the delivery service, Chez Pierre also collects data on the user service's current account to which the refund will be made. Chez Pierre retail stores have built-in video surveillance to control access to premises, protect employees, visitors, and property, record work processes to improve service quality and ensure proper process execution. Information about the existence of video surveillance is prominently displayed in accordance with relevant regulations, and entry into the premises implies acceptance of the use of video surveillance.

We Will Collect, Use, and Share Your Personal Data Only When There Is Appropriate Legal Basis

The legal bases for collecting personal data are based on achieving the goal of the sale you initiated and our legitimate interests as a commercial organization. For example, we may record calls and messages in our customer center so that we can review our processes during conversations, ensuring the continuous provision of high-quality customer service; ensuring workplace safety by monitoring access to business premises, resolving user service complaints; filing complaints and defending against lawsuits; organizing prize games;
It is unlikely that performing these procedures will jeopardize your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms, including the protection of your personal data.

  • when we have your consent to use your personal data for a specific purpose - online shopping, sending emails with information about discounts, special events, receiving vouchers for a specific amount for the purchase of products, and other benefits at Chez Pierre;
  • when we need to use your personal data to comply with relevant legal or regulatory obligations;

Use of Cookies

The website of the company Chez Pierre may use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the site, for usage analysis, to make further improvements to the site, and to enhance the user experience.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Chez Pierre will not disclose your personal data outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Protection of Your Personal Data

We will use various protective measures and technologies to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, in accordance with applicable data protection laws. For example, when Chez Pierre engages a service provider (third party) as a processor, that service provider will be carefully selected and required to use appropriate protective measures when handling your personal data (including maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data and implementing appropriate technical and organizational security measures).

Data Retention Period

We will keep your personal data for as long as the law prescribes. The company Chez Pierre has defined periods for retaining personal data and takes measures that the company can identify only as long as necessary for the purpose for which personal data are processed. If necessary, Chez Pierre will seek your permission to keep your data for a longer period. If required by regulations, certain data are kept longer or permanently. The collected data are kept until the fulfillment of the service, i.e., five years from the end of the business year in which the payment was made, in accordance with the obligation prescribed by the Accounting Act. When using your data to send emails with information about discounts, special events, and other benefits at Chez Pierre, we will keep the collected data until your consent is revoked. Telephone calls are recorded, and messages are saved. Information needed to provide services recorded during conversations with users is retained to fulfill the obligation to deliver the product, as well as two years after the conclusion of the sales contract, for resolving user complaints or claims, or until the end of any court proceedings initiated in connection with a complaint or claim. We will also keep your personal data if we need to keep it in connection with a legal process or investigation involving Chez Pierre, until the end of the proceedings. Video recording footage is kept for 7 (seven) days from the date of recording and is automatically deleted. In case of filing a complaint or claim, requests are kept until the final resolution of the request. When specific data retention periods are not prescribed by law, we keep your data in accordance with the principles of proportionality and the principle of limiting data retention as prescribed by the law regulating the protection of personal data.

Your Rights Regarding the Processing of Your Personal Data

  • Right to be informed: All information must be provided to the person to whom the data relate before processing begins, regardless of whether the data were requested;
  • Right of access: The person to whom the data relate can obtain confirmation that their personal data are being processed and, if such personal data are processed, access to such data and information about the processing (purpose, type of personal data, legal basis, sharing with third parties, retention period, etc.);
  • Right to rectification and supplementation: If incomplete or inaccurate personal data are processed, the person to whom the data relate can request that the data be corrected or supplemented at any time.
  • Right to erasure: After the data retention period expires and when there are no other legitimate reasons for data retention, the data are deleted.
  • Right to restriction of processing: In case of illegal processing, and the person to whom the data relate refuses deletion and instead requests restriction of data use; if personal data are no longer needed, but are needed by the person to whom the data relate for legal claims or proceedings related to the protection of rights (in court or other proceedings); if the accuracy of the data is contested for the time it takes us to verify the accuracy; an objection to processing has been filed, and an assessment is underway as to whether our legitimate interests outweigh the interests of the person to whom the data relate;
  • Right to data portability: Personal data (if stored) can be provided in electronic form, which the person to whom the data relate can submit to any other entity. We can also be asked to transfer data to another data controller if it is technically feasible.
  • Right to object: The person to whom the data relate has the right to file an objection challenging the processing of data based on legitimate interest. Also, if it is believed that data protection regulations have been violated during the processing of personal data, he or she can contact help@chezpierre.rs. Of course, the right to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection https://www.poverenik.rs/sr/.

Data Controller

The company Chez Pierre, headquartered in Niš, registration number: 62969300, is the data controller of your personal data.


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or need additional information, please contact help@chezpierre.rs