General Terms Of Business

I. General Provisions

The owner of the website https://chezpierre.rs/ (hereinafter referred to as the 'Website') is the entrepreneurial venture 'Chez PIERRE,' located at Jugbogdanova St. 44, registration number 62969300, VAT: 107758653. The use of the Website is only possible by accepting the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which are accepted upon the first use of the Website. Any action contrary to the General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and/or positive legal provisions of the Republic of Serbia will be sanctioned. General Terms and Conditions apply to the entire Website and related services provided by the Website Owner, unless the Website Owner decides otherwise. The Website Owner has the right to deny the right to use to any user without stating a reason and to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The use of the Website is prohibited if you do not agree to any of these terms of use. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this Website.

II. Scope of Regulation

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the rights and obligations regarding the use of the Website, as well as the rights and obligations arising from contracts concluded through the Website between the 'Chez Pierre' entrepreneur and the site user.

III. Rights and Obligations

The Website publishes information about goods that may be subject to sale or offer and conducts sales on behalf of the 'Chez Pierre' entrepreneur. The publication of information constitutes an invitation to the site user to make an offer to the Website to conclude a purchase agreement under the published conditions.

Purchase Method

The purchase is made in two steps:
1. Order Form: The site user fills out a form with personal information and delivery details.
2. Order Confirmation: The site user receives confirmation on the website, where they will be informed about the delivery speed and the total amount, including VAT and shipping, which the site user must pay.


All product prices are expressed in dinars.
Special offers are valid only if the item is purchased at the offered price.


Delivery within the territory of RS is carried out by CityExpress or PostExspress.
Orders are delivered to the address provided during the order.
Delivery is possible within the territory of RS (excluding Kosovo).
Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of the online order. Delivery is made as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days from the order date, unless the buyer specifies a longer delivery period.
Delivery for orders over 3000 dinars is free, while delivery for orders below 3000 dinars is 300 dinars.
In case of a failed delivery of a returned package, the buyer is required to pay the delivery cost again for resending the package.
Orders not received, sent by the Serbian Post, will not be marked as lost until the expiration of a 7-day period from the date of sending the goods; resending or refund will not be offered before the expiration of this period.
The buyer is responsible for obtaining information about a package returned to the local post office.
Payment is made on delivery or by credit card.

Order Cancellation and Modification

The buyer can modify the order before it is dispatched, within 24 hours of order confirmation.
The buyer can cancel the order within 24 hours of order confirmation.
Order cancellation is done via email at help@chezpierre.rs.
The email about order cancellation must include:
1) SUBJECT: Order Cancellation
2) CONTENT: product name, buyer's name, address and city, buyer's phone number.
If the seller does not have a specific product in stock, they will offer a replacement of equal value or a refund.
The seller is not obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

Right of Withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of receiving the product, without justification, in which case the paid funds for the product are refunded, but not the shipping costs.
Withdrawal from the purchase is done in two steps:
1) Sending an email from the buyer informing about the intention to withdraw from the purchase.
2) After confirming the receipt of the email and contacting the buyer by the seller, the buyer sends the product they are withdrawing from, along with all documentation received during the purchase and a completed and signed withdrawal form, to the seller's address at Jugbogdanova St. 44, 18000 Niš. The product must be properly packaged to prevent any damage and sent exclusively by PostExpress.
Funds will be refunded after the product is returned and it is determined that the product has not been used.
In the case of withdrawal, shipping costs are not refunded.
Any buyer who has not received the package has the right to a refund without postage.
If the product or the box in which it is located is unsealed, opened, and used, withdrawal from the purchase is not possible, due to the specific nature of perfume products in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Complaints - general part

If the product that has been ordered or taken over has a manufacturing technology defect (e.g. defective apparatus for spraying perfume) or a hidden defect and when this defect makes it difficult or impossible to use the product in the usual way, the customer can file a complaint about the product in order to eliminate this defect. If the non-conformity of the product with the contract occurred within six months from the day of taking over the product, it is assumed that the non-conformity existed at the time of the transfer of risk, unless this is contrary to the type of product and the nature of the particular non-conformity, or if the seller proves otherwise. If the customer receives the wrong product, the seller will send the correct product at his own expense. Complaints will not be accepted if the defect in the product occurred after taking over the product and is the result of the customer's action or accident. Complaints will not be accepted if there is a defect in the product, but it does not affect the usability of the product in the usual way. If the product tester available in our stores and the product itself do not differ on a neutral surface, the complaint will not be accepted. It will not be considered a valid reason for a complaint if you do not like the smell of the perfume product. Use the purchased product exclusively according to the instructions in the declaration, otherwise the complaint will not be accepted. An individual reaction to the product, if you have not indicated any special sensitivity to the ingredients before purchase, will not be considered a reason for complaint. Bearing in mind the specificity of online shopping, as well as the specificity of the product being sold, it is recommended that you try the product in one of our stores before purchasing any of the perfume products. The surest way to make the right choice of perfume product is to apply the product tester on the skin and determine how it will manifest itself in contact with the peculiarities of your skin over a certain period of time. Persistence, fragrance note and intensity of the fragrance largely depends on the interaction of the perfume formula with the characteristics of your skin and is individual.


Complaining about the purchased product is done as follows in two steps:
1) By sending an e-mail from the customer with a notification about the intention to complain about the product.
2) After confirming the receipt of the e-mail and contacting the buyer by the seller, the buyer sends the product that he is advertising together with all the documentation he received during the purchase and the completed Complaint Request to the address of the seller at ul. Jugbogdanova no. 44, 18000 Niš. Send the product by PostExpress. The seller will not bear the delivery costs of another courier service.
Before sending the product you are advertising, it must be adequately packed and the address of the recipient must be clearly stated on the package, because the seller does not assume responsibility for the loss of the shipment or damage to the shipment caused during transportation due to inadequate packaging or addressing. Persons authorized to resolve consumer complaints will, after testing the advertised product, make a decision on the same within 8 days from the day of receipt of the complaint, based on the facts established during the control. The decision on the complaint will be delivered to the customer by e-mail and in writing.


Decisions on complaints can be accepting or rejecting.
If the complaint is approved in accordance with the law, the customer has the right:
1) To remove the defect on the product with the consent of the customer, and if the removal of the defect is impossible or the customer does not accept it, the product will be a replacement for the same product without deficiency.
2) If it is not possible to send a replacement product, the customer has the right to another product of the same value or a more expensive product with an additional payment up to its value or a refund.
If your claim is rejected, the product you claimed will be returned to the customer with a decision. Shipping costs for the returned product or new product are borne by the seller.

Photos and illustrations

All photos are used as illustrations and there may be changes in the appearance of the bottles (not the size) if the one from the photo is not available.


The oils and fragrances for sale are not affiliated with any designer or brand. The description 'Inspired' is used only to refer to the fragrance, and is used in order to help consumers in choosing a fragrance, taking into account the specificity of distance selling and the product being sold.

The right to request additional information

Orders may be subject to additional security checks at our discretion. This may include confirming your credit/debit card details or additional information about your address. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order if the requested information is not provided.


You are expressly prohibited from doing any of the following:

  • publication of any material from the Website in any other medium
  • sell, sublicense or advertise any material from the website
  • publicly displaying any material from the Website
  • using this website in any way that is or may be harmful to this website
  • using this website in any way that affects the user's access to this website
  • use of this website contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or use that may in any way harm the website, any person or business entity
  • engaging in any data collection or any other similar activity in connection with this website
  • use of this website for any advertising or marketing

Dispute resolution

The contracting parties will try to resolve all disputes amicably. In case of impossibility of resolving the dispute peacefully, the Basic Court in Niš will be responsible for resolving disputes.

Important Notice

An integral part of these General Terms and Conditions of Business is the notice displayed on our website about the most frequently asked questions related to our products, through which you can be informed about all possible dilemmas and remarks.