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Written by Petar Perić06,Jun 2024

Reddit FAQs by Chez Pierre Customers

Answering frequently asked questions our Chez Pierre customers on Reddit!

You've probably got some questions about our scents, how they’re made, and the best ways to use them. Well, you’re in the right place because we’ve put together a helpful FAQs article from our Reddit users just for you.

Here, you’ll find everything from answers to the questions we get asked all the time, to some cool insider tips that’ll help you get the most out of your Chez Pierre perfumes.

Curious about which scent is perfect for your big day? Wondering how to keep your fragrance from fading too quickly? Want to know what inspires our unique perfume blends? We’ve got all that covered and more.

So, let’s dive into the fragrant world of perfumery together. We’re going to break down all the complex questions, celebrate the artistry behind our creations, and help you find that perfect scent that speaks to you.

Chez Pierre Background

Here at Chez Pierre, we've been crafting exquisite perfumes for over 30 years, nestled in the heart of Serbia. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and our passion for using only the finest natural ingredients.

Our expert perfumers, affectionately known as 'noses', are true artists who blend these ingredients to create the unique and complex fragrances Chez Pierre is celebrated for.

In this series, we're excited to share our knowledge and passion for perfumes with you.

So, let’s dive in with your questions, and let’s explore the aromatic art of perfumery together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi everybody, just discovered this shop and it seems very good for the price, does anyone have feedback about the inspiration of oud wood?

A: Oud Wood is centered around the rare Oud(Agarwood), one the most expensive ingredients in the world of perfumes.  Often referred to as "liquid gold" in the perfume industry due to its unique and luxurious aroma. This is what inspired Chez Pierre to create an Oud Wood clone at a fraction of the original price.

It is a luxurious, refined, attractive, and enchanting perfume intended for men and women.

Our Old Tree is the best clone fragrance for colder weather. The ingredients have been meticulously sourced to parallel the quality and scent profile of the beloved Oud Wood.

We blend a similar spicy opening with our signature oud note at the heart, ensuring that the essence of the original is captured with integrity and respect.We understand that the beauty of oud lies in its ability to convey a story, and "Old Tree" is our narrative a standalone masterpiece in its own right. It offers the essence of Oud Wood.

Notes: Oud, Precious Wood, Cardamom

Longevity: Long-lasting

Fragrance Family: Woody/Oriental

Occasion: Evening, formal, fall/winter

Why it is loved:

  • Perfect for colder months
  • Woody and exotic
  • Sophisticated and perfect for evening occasions

Q: What would be the most accurate clones out of all the fragrances they have (Tom Ford or else)?

A: The best clone fragrances are supposed to produce a scent, familiar and nostalgic, yet with a unique twist to the original. Perfume alternatives also aim to replicate the scent profile of a more expensive, often high-end designer perfume.

Perfume clone houses should remind us of the famous designer perfume notes combination. The scent of a perfume dupe presents an alternate perspective of the smell. An ultimate detail that translates the original scent into a familiar one.

So, with all that said, Chez Pierre fragrances are produced with the most accurate and similar ingredients that have the essence of the original.

Q: Last question: How bad does it stain clothes, can it stain them if sprayed on the skin and then the skin makes contact with clothes?

Our fragrances are produced with utmost precision and quality, this ensures that you get the best alternative. As with any fragrance, its better to apply it on the skin where the pulse points are to avoid any damage to your clothes.

Q: Has anyone ordered Luxurious inspired by LV Ombre Nomade from Chez Pierre (Perfume Guy) and if so, what are your thoughts on it and in what ratio did you order it?

A: Charmed by the elegant essence of the Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade, we were compelled to design the perfume Luxurious that blends into seductive mornings and lively evenings. As a Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade dupe, it offers a gateway to rediscovering the subtle luxury and timeless grace you’ve been searching for.

Chez Pierre now only offers Eau de Parfum concentration for all perfumes. The perfumes are still potent and not overpowering. Just enough scent to leave a lingering impression wherever you go.

Q: I’ve already bought some Fragrances from him last year ( especially winter , fall fragrances ) I need now some fruity , fresh , fragrances for this summer

What are your best 10 must have?

A: Our Top 10 Summer Must Haves

1. Skyfall Inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water

  • Key Notes: Green Tea, Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Musk
  • Occasion: Daytime wear, spring and summer
  • Longevity: Moderate to long-lasting

Inspired by sparkling streams of water in the Swiss Alps, this fragrance combines aquatic freshness with sweet fruits and green tea, giving it a clean and uplifting vibe.

2. Golden Ray Inspired by Hacivat Nishane

  • Key Notes: Pineapple, Bergamot, Patchouli
  • Occasion: Versatile, suitable for both casual and formal events
  • Longevity: Very long-lasting

A vibrant and sophisticated fragrance, Golden Ray is known for its bright citrusy opening and a woody base, offering a modern take on classic elements.

3. Aventure Women Inspired by Creed Aventus For Her

  • Key Notes: Green apple, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Bergamot
  • Occasion: Ideal for professional settings and formal events
  • Longevity: Moderate to long-lasting

Feminine and powerful, this scent blends fruity notes with a musky, floral heart, designed to embody strength and success.

4. Imperialism Inspired by Creed Millesime Imperial

  • Key Notes: Bergamot Orange, Musk, Oakmoss
  • Occasion: Summer days, casual outings
  • Longevity: Moderate

A regal scent that brings out the freshness of citrus groves and sea breezes, perfect for those who enjoy a light, airy fragrance reminiscent of the seaside.

5. Honey Fruit Inspired by Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey

  • Key Notes: Mandarine, Peach, Blackcurrant, Vetiver
  • Occasion: Daytime, casual
  • Longevity: Short to moderate

This delightful fragrance combines the sweet juiciness of mandarines with a subtle hint of honey, creating a fresh and playful scent.

6. Talisman Inspired by Parfums de Marly Delina

  • Key Notes: Rhubarb, Lychee, Peony, Petalia, Vanilla
  • Occasion: Romantic settings, special occasions
  • Longevity: Long-lasting

Talisman is a sophisticated, floral fragrance with a unique twist of rhubarb and lychee, enveloped in a creamy, soft base, making it enchantingly feminine.

7. Soft Pink Inspired by Versace Bright Crystal

  • Key Notes: Apricot, Rose, Blueberry, Jasmine, Vanilla
  • Occasion: Everyday wear
  • Longevity: Moderate

A vibrant and luminous fragrance, Soft Pink shines with a fresh and floral aroma, designed to present strength and sensuality.

8. Gladiator Inspired by Legend Mont Blanc

  • Key Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Pineapple Leaf, Sandalwood
  • Occasion: Versatile, good for office and casual wear
  • Longevity: Moderate

A fresh fougère fragrance, combining aromatic tones with fruit and wood, designed for the confident and grounded man.

9. Been Good Before Inspired by Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad

  • Key Notes: Jasmine, Patchouli, Tuberose
  • Occasion: Evening events, parties
  • Longevity: Long-lasting

This intoxicating fragrance is a floral explosion, with deep and seductive notes that suggest a playful and daring spirit.

10. Secret Garden Inspired by Erba Pura Xerjoff

  • Key Notes: Citrus fruits, Peach, Apple, Vanilla, Musk, Amber
  • Occasion: Ideal for day wear and spring/summer seasons
  • Longevity: Very long-lasting

Secret Garden is a joyful blend of fruit and sweet notes over a warm musky base, offering a radiant and beautiful scent that’s uplifting.

Q: Chez Pierre Shipping Time?

A: The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is visible on the checkout page. Average shipping time is 15-20 days since the package leaves Serbia.

Q: Is the CP dupe of Black Phantom better than the OG black phantom, does anyone know?

A: The profound aroma of the iconic Kilian Black Phantom perfume compelled us to craft Killer Phantom. This fragrance has established its presence alongside the elegant and seductive fashion code. As a unique Kilian Black Phantom perfume dupe, it enables you to unleash an aura of timeless and profound sophistication.

Killer Phantom is vegan, not tested on animals, and medically certified. The blend adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring the satisfaction of over 100,000 customers worldwide.


These FAQs on Reddit from Chez Pierre customers show how much perfume lovers enjoy discussing and learning about different fragrances. These conversations help everyone understand more about choosing perfumes, the unique scents they carry, and the best ways to wear them.

It’s a great way for people to share questions and insights, helping each other make better choices and deepen their love for perfume.

We hope this FAQ exchange of ideas will keep the community active and well-informed, making perfumery more accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved.